Laban – Aristotle

Towards a methodology for movement training for the actor and in acting



The focus of this book rests on an investigation into the links between Laban and Aristotle and aims at proposing a new approach to movement training for the actor. In contrast to the standard Platonic reading, Laban’s development is best understood through the conceptual framework of Aristotle. This not only provides a more secure theoretical approach, but a practical one as well, which establishes the art of movement as a science. This investigation intends to establish Laban’s philosophical foundation upon a reading of Aristotle’s Poetics, and in particular, on the reading of the Poetics by contemporary Greek philosopher Stelios Ramfos in his two-volume book ΜIΜΗΣΙΣ ΕΝΑΝΤΙΟΝ ΜΟΡΦΗΣ Ἐξήγησις είς το Περί Ποιητικής τοῦ Ἀριστοτέλους (MIMESIS VERSUS FORM Exegesis about Aristotle’s Poetics) (1991-1992). What is significant about Stelios Ramfos’ exegesis is that he attempts an analysis and interpretation of the concepts of the Poetics in terms of theatre performance. Ιt is this emphasis on performance that makes the task I have embarked upon possible. The discussion will serve as a critical framework that will propose a new way of applying Laban’s movement concepts to the movement training for actors in practice. The research methodology is also practical. I will therefore also develop and present a performance that attempts to apply Laban’s terms, as these are discussed, in relation to Aristotle, and in relation to the new methodology as well as a syllabus of practical classes addressing actor movement training in both kinaesthesia and characterization. The ultimate goal of the project is to contribute an approach that can inform the way Laban’s concepts are taught and provide suggestions for structuring technical movement classes for actors.


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Χρονολογία αρχικής έκδοσης: 2014
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