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The Theology of the Russian Diaspora



The underlying thought in the Winchester conference, as well as in this present volume, was to reflect on the quests, the questions, and the directions that this generation left for us, and rather than simply reminisce about that exceptional period of theological thought and creativity, to attempt an appraisal of its legacy today. Table of Contents: 1. The legacy of the Russian Diaspora: an evaluation and future directions, ANDREAS ANDREOPOULOS 2. Saint Luke Metropolitan of Simferopol as physician, surgeon and academic professor, STAVROS J. BALOYANNIS 3. Ecumenism as Civilizational Dialogue: Eastern Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism and Eastern Orthodox Ecumenism: A Creative or Sterile Antinomy?, BRANDON GALLAHER 4. A New Chapter in the History of Russian Émigré Religious Philosophy: Georges Florovsky’s unpublished manuscript, Russkaia filosofiia v emigratsii, PAUL L. GAVRILYUK5. Outside of God: A Theanthropic Scrutiny of Nietzsche’s Concept of Chaos and Berdyaev’s Notion of the Ungrund, ROMILO KNEŽEVIĆ 6. Revolution, Exile and the Decline of Russian Religious Thought, PAUL LADOUCEUR 7. What is Sophia? Bulgakov, or the Biblical Trinity between Kant and Hegel, NIKOLAOS LOUDOVIKOS 8. Exile, Hospitality, Sobornost: the Experience of the Russian Émigrés, ANDREW LOUTH 9. The Reception of the Theology of the Russian Diaspora by the Greek Theology of the ‘60s: a Case Study, SOTIRIS MITRALEXIS 10. Nicholas Zernov: Political and Historical Continuity with the ‘Third Rome’ Theory in our times, DIMITRIS SALAPATAS 11. Faith and Reason in Russian Religious Thought: Sergei Bulgakov, Pavel Florensky and the contemporary debate about onto-theology and fideism, CHRISTOPH SCHNEIDER 12. The Quest for Novel Philosophy of Freedom in the Thought of Nikolai Berdyaev, Vladimir Lossky and Georges Florovsky, DIONYSIOS SKLIRIS


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Date published: 2020
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