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Byzantine Aristotle



In an attempt to engage with the modern understanding of such a fertile enterprise as Byzantine Philosophy, Analogia offers this first collection of distinguished essays written by promising experts of the younger generation. Table of Contents: 1. Themistius on ‘Prime Matter’, Aristotle, and the ‘Unwritten Doctrines’ ascribed to Plato, ELISA CODA 2. Aristotelian attraction and repulsion in Byzantium, PANTELIS GOLITSIS 3. Simplicius on the principal meaning of physis in Aristotle’s Physics II. 1–3, MELINA G. MOUZALA 4. Aristotle’s Rhetoric in the Manuals of Byzantine Rhetoric, SOTIRIA A. TRIANTARI 5. Visions of political philosophy in the ‘Commentary on Aristotle’s Politics’ by Michael of Ephesus, ILIAS VAVOURAS 6. BOOK REVIEWS The Christian Liturgical Papyri: An Introduction by Ágnes T. Mihálykó, GREGORY S. PAULSON


ISBN: 9791221306231
 Number of pages of physical book111
Date published: 2019
Total word count:
Language: Αγγλικά
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